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LegacyP Implants

LegacyP Implants

Increased primary stability, stronger osseointegration and superior patient satisfaction:

  • Progressive v-thread design for increased primary stability
  • Machined surface to minimize presence of plaque accumulation and risk of mucosa inflammation
  • Rounded profile and reduced ledge for easier insertion into impression and the most accurate

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SMARTbase CAD/CAM Abutments

SMARTbase CAD/CAM Abutments

Superior aesthetics for patients combined with more freedom of choice for your restorations:

  • Gold and pink anodization allow a seemless blend for a natural look
  • Fixation screw can be pre-assembled into the base for more flexibility
  • 0 to 25° off-axis capacity for a discreet access cavity and easier access in posterior, where space is limited

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simplyIntegrated Implants and Prosthetics

SimplyIntegrated Implants and Prosthetics

The option for more flexibility and individuality

  • Order mount-free implants and prosthetics upfront according to your treatment plan
  • Know treatment costs and components right from the start
  • Have all components in one place and align with your restorative team

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